Zit attack (Part II)

So there I was in front of my trusted Dermatologist with almost all of the skin care products I have been using laid on top of her desk. She laughed when she saw how many I have tried when she was gone. And we even joked around saying I’m like a sale rep trying my luck on selling my products to her. She asked about when my pimple problems started and when did I start trying out all of the beauty products I had on hand.

So I told her about my beauty regimen:

Cleansing soap – My body soap is different from my facial soap. The soap I am using on my face came from her clinic. Glycolic Soap Bar. She used to prescribe me with her Beta Carotene Soap Bar which was perfect for my skin and it was the reason why I had a wonderful skin from college till I got my first job. However, her clinic did not produce them anymore and so she changed my facial soap with her Glycolic Soap Bar. Her Glycolic Soap Bar is a transparent soap and contains 5% glycolic acid. Using this soap made my skin clear and supple, but nothing can compare to the effects of her Beta Carotene Soap Bar.

Toner – I am not a fan of toner but as I got educated with proper skin care I learned its importance. I got this product from a friend who was a Mary Kay dealer like my mom and I have used this product for almost a year. It was effective in eliminating my pimples and gave my skin a smoother texture. I use this product nighttime only.

However, when I ran out of it I was not able to buy a second bottle. The next toner I used was Olay’s Refreshing Toner which was bought by my dad from the U.S.

This toner was not only refreshing as the name connotes but it was super mild to my skin. It was as if I was applying water to my face with a cotton pad. It left my face smooth and soft to touch. I use this nighttime only. I ran out of this just May of this year. And I was not able to use a toner after that.

Moisturizer – I tried using Pond’s Moisturizer back when I was in college but sadly it caused zits to appear in my face so I stopped. The only moisturizer I have been using since then is Olay Moisturizer.

I love Olay Natural White because it made my skin fairer and smooth to touch. It literally lighted up my face. It also has SPF 24 to block the harmful effects of UVA and UVB. I use this in the morning as a base to my make-up and nighttime before I doze off. I try as much as I can not to forget this part of my regimen since the glycolic soap could sometimes have a drying effect on my skin.

So that’s my beauty regimen: Cleansing soap -> Toner -> Moisturizer.

My Dermatologist said that they were A-okay. However, she made a few revisions.

Cleansing soap – Still the glycolic soap bar.

Toner – AVON’s True Pore-fection Toner. I was quite surprised when she approved me of using this product. I told her that I have never tried this before and was afraid of its effects. But after reading the info on the packaging she gave me her GO signal. She suggested that I should stop the Eskinol + clindamycin concoction, as it had a minimal dose of clindamycin. Instead she prescribed me her own preparation of clindamycin solution.

Moisturizer – She was okay with me using Olay Natural White. And suggested I use it nighttime while during the day I use a sunblock for the face. Maybe I should try Neutrogena or something from Aveeno.

So there you have it my new facial routine. Whew!

I have such a busy schedule working on various shifts forty hours a week. I do not know if I would be able to follow this step by step or even by the number. LOL.

As I leave her clinic, I was a bit excited and hesitant to try them out. I really wanted my zits gone and fast! October is nearing and it meant that a lot of crazy things are expected to happen on that month. She reminded me however that having a beautiful, clear, smooth skin takes a lot of time and effort. I would then watch my activity and even the food I take as they may also have an effect on the condition of my skin.

As I wave her goodbye she told me to see her after six weeks with a wink as knows that I may or may not drop by clinic again. LOL. ;-)

Zit attack

They say that vanity comes with being a woman and I  beg to disagree. As a woman I am not that overly preoccupied with my looks. Rather I am particular with how healthy my skin is. Since my high school years I have been one of those girls who have an average type of skin. A little bit oily, having minor breakouts here and there, but all seems well with my skin. During my college years, I could say that the condition of my skin was getting better. Maybe because I am done with my puberty years. And my hormones have decided to stick to their “woman” level and not something in between.

After I got my first job, my skin was at its best! Though my job requires me to put in forty hours of work a week, my skin coped with it and all of the other pressures and stress that comes with the job. I go to work with minimal make-up on. Work on the weekdays and party during the weekends, but it was all okay.

As I age and being exposed to the environment (which is sad to say gradually deteriorating) daily, it is but unavoidable that skin problems would surface. Just last month, I had been under a tremendous amount of stress (see my previous blog) and my skin could not take it any longer resulting to a few breakouts. *sigh* This prompted me to see my skin’s best friend: Dermatologist Dr. R. Eusebio.

I had been under her care even before I got my first job up until now (six years and counting). She is not that aggressive when it comes to treating my skin problems because for her they are just “minor” pimples that pop up every now and then. Easy for her to say, when it is I who would see these small red spots every waking day.

At the first sight of my stubborn pimples I called her clinic for an appointment, unfortunately she was not around as she was in a conference held outside of the city and she would not be back after two weeks (that’s just great— I told myself). Anyway, I searched through my magazines at home (Cosmo Philippines) for some worthwhile advice about getting rid of pimples, I even tried the web. But to no avail, they all tell the same story — having a good skin takes time and pimples won’t disappear overnight.

However, I remembered a story of a friend on how she got rid of her pimples back in her high school days. I searched for her homemade remedy on the web and of how effective it was, and to my surprise her concoction was indeed popular for girls who suffer from stubborn pimple. Her secret? Eskinol facial cleanser + clindamycin. Yes, you heard me right.

Desperate as I was, I tried it for myself. I went to the nearest mall and got myself a small bottle of Eskinol facial cleanser and used it to dilute a 300mg capsule of clindamycin which is by the way one of the leading antibiotics used in treating acne.

I have never tried Eskinol before even if it had been popular for so many years now. I remember back when I was twelve, girls my age had been using this product to clarify their skins. I wanted to try it once, but my mom was skeptic about it. She said it may make my skin ugly or worse “burn” it.

There is no turning back now as I have it on hand already. After washing my face with Dr. R. Eusebio’s Glycolic soap, I patted dry and moistened a cotton ball with my new-found concoction. I swiped gently it on my face starting with my forehead and gawd! It stings! I had to run in front of a fan to cool off my face. I told myself maybe that’s a normal reaction since I am a new user. So I tried again on my temples and worked my way down to my chin gently. It was adjusting and was okay now. Whew! I did this twice a day — morning and night-time.

A week after using this product the condition of my skin did not improve. My skin became dry and too tight. So I asked another friend who was an AVON dealer if she had any product that can cure my pimple problem and I found one. AVON’s True Pore-fection Toner.

By the time that I was supposed to use this product my Dermatologist came back from her conference and I decided to see her ASAP before using anymore products on my face.

The day of my appointment I was uneasy all because I wanted my zits gone and fast. I even brought with me all of the skin care products that I have been using on my skin aside from her own blends. When it was my turn she was surprised to see that I made it to my appointment, since I have not been compliant with my follow-up check ups with her in the past. And she even told me that had I been consistent with my follow-ups I would not be bothered by my zits anymore.


Are You still there?

Lately, I’ve been asking God this question.

Pray? Yes I do. And not just upon waking up or before going to bed. I talk to Him whenever I get the chance. Read the bible? Yes with my “quiet time”. Go to church? If my work permits (as a nurse, I can’t expect no-work on a weekend).

I try all possible means for Him to see me, hear me. I know He does but He feels so far from me, or is it me that’s far from Him? I know He is not deaf not to hear me cry my heart out. He is not blind not to see my struggles. Nor His hands too short not to hold and hug me tight. Yet, at times I feel like He’s not there.

Things have been pretty rough for me this past few weeks. As I struggle with my family, work, relationship and everything; I try my best not to forget about Him. I always include Him in my daily walk. But now I feel like Job. I hope I emerge from this as victorious as he did.

A very dear friend once told me that in tough times and when everything seems wrong, continue to cry out to God. Wrestle and do not give up until He gives you an answer. May it be a YES, NO or MAYBE. But until when should I struggle?

I pray for my faith to stay strong even when everything is wrong. That I stay close to God even in tough times. And to trust Him more even when I’m hurting.


My ancestors came from a wide range of cultural background – Filipino, Spanish, and Chinese; hence my skin color. “Tisay” is a Filipino word which translates as fair-skinned. Being fair-skinned in a country dominated by brown people is not always a walk in the clouds.

During my younger years, I got teased because I was so white and pale. I became jealous of my friends who were brown-skinned. They seemed to easily fit in the crowd. But as the years went by, I matured and got accustomed to what the Creator has endowed me.

I leaned that I was never born to fit in but rather to stand out in a pool of brown-skinned people. It was in college when I started to embrace who I was. I never again thought about envying dark-skinned people. I was happy and content with my skin color.

It was back in 1996 that I got mocked, fast-forward to the present 2011; more people are now aiming to have fair skin. Reason why numerous whitening products are out in the market. As for me, they are not necessary anymore. Lately, people have been complementing my skin color. Telling me how they wanted to be as fair as I am. If only they knew, how I wanted to be just like them before.

I am not racist but others think that dark-skinned individuals are always discriminated, white-skinned people get that too. That’s just the way life is. It works both ways and most of the time it’s unfair.

And that’s how I got the name TISAY. I am white and loving it!